Mechanoid Documentation

Mechanoid is an Eclipse Plugin sporting a set of code generators for Android™ driven by DSL’s (Domain Specific Languages) with full Eclipse Editor Support for the rapid development of Android applications.


To download and install Mechanoid, see ref Getting Started.


Mechanoid is currently composed of four code generators. Each code generator focuses on specific components of an Android application.

Each code generator comes with first class Eclipse editor support including syntax highlighting, content assist and validation thanks to the powerful link xText Language Framework.

The following sections briefly describe the purpose of each generator.

Mechanoid DB

Mechanoid DB is a code generator driven by the Sqlite grammar itself, with some extra constructs to define schema migrations, Mechanoid DB generates a Content Provider API from directly from sql creational statements such as create table and create view.

ref See the Mechanoid DB Documentation

Mechanoid Net

Mechanoid Net is a simple DSL to define JSON over REST clients. Mechanoid Net will generate a REST Client API, entities, and entity serializers/deserializers from your definition.

ref See the Mechanoid Net Documentation

Mechanoid Ops

Mechanoid Ops is a DSL to define decoupled background operations, which are useful when making network requests or long running tasks from activities and fragments, Mechanoid Ops is designed around the pattern described by Virgil Dobjanschi in the Google IO 2010 REST Presentation.

ref See the Mechanoid Ops Documentation

Mechanoid Prefs

Mechanoid Prefs is possibly the simplest DSL in the set, it allows you to define and generate Shared Preference wrappers that make preferences easier to work with in code.

ref See the Mechanoid Prefs Documentation

Mechanoid Library Documentation

The Mechanoid Library is a jar file that provides common base code for generated code.

ref See the Javadoc for more details:

Help and Support

Mechanoid is still a work in progress so it is highly likely you will encounter issues and limitations, please log issues on the github project page

To discuss Mechanoid use the Google Group!forum/android-mechanoid-plugin

You could ask a question on Stack Overflow

Also, you could read the Robotoworks Blog